Mixing more files in batch process without change the length

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Mixing more files in batch process without change the length

Postby Stefan77 » Tue Sep 18, 2018 4:19 am

Good morning. Please, can you help me with one my task?
I have lot of short mp3 files with recordings of human voice and I have also one long wav file with noise. And I need mix the noise to all files with voice recordings in some batch process. Of course mp3 files have different length and the length musts stay without change after mix.
I open the file with noise and copy it to the clipboard.
Then i go to file/batch processing and on the source page I choose the folder with mp3 files.
On process page I click to add effect and choose maximize volume
I tryed this steps:
add edit/select all
add edit/mix
add edit/trim

But it not works. The noise and the voice are mixed but the target file is so long as the file with noise. I thought that when I select all file, the selection will be saved and after mixing the selected part of file will be leaved and the other noise will be removed. But it not works. What can I to do? Thank you Stefan
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Re: Mixing more files in batch process without change the le

Postby GoldWave Inc. » Tue Oct 09, 2018 8:55 am

What you can do is to use the "Set Marker/Selection" command to store initial range (use "Memory [Store]" for both the Start and Finish markers). You'd mix the noise, then use "Set Marker/Selection" to recall the range, followed by Trim.

Set Marker/Selection (Memory [Store])
Set Marker/Selection (Memory [Recall])
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