Cue points change when converting to swa

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Cue points change when converting to swa

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I purchased Goldwave for my PC a few days ago for the sole purpose of adding cue points to a wav file. I then need to convert to swa (within Director MX2004). When I do this, the cue points are now 4X their original values. I have tried every combination of things such as different playback rates, resampling, resampling, then importing the cue points back, reconverting to swa, swa quality, swa sampling rate, etc...

I just now downloaded a demo version of Peak Pro for my MAC. I loaded the wav file with all the Goldwave created cue points and to my surprise, the cue points are way off, about 4x their lenght. (if it was at 2 seconds, the cue point is now at 8 seconds, etc...)

It would seem to me that Goldwave is doing something differently than two other software packages are expecting.

Bottom line is that the cue points in Goldwave are fine but when viewed from another application or converting to SWA from Director, they are 4X the correct values making them useless to me.

Please let me know what I need to do. Is there a bug fix or patch available that will fix this problem?

Thank you...

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