Remove music and leave vocals

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Remove music and leave vocals

Post by passenger146 »

Greeting, I am fairly new to GW, and I was just curious if it is at all possible to remove the MUSIC and leave the vocals.

Any help would be much appreciated


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Post by DougDbug »

In general, you can't un-mix a song (and, you can't un-bake a cake). :shock:

You can't completely remove all of the sound except for the vocals, but, there are some 3rd-party plug-ins that you can try. Take a look at this post for the links & information..

FYI - The Reduce Vocals tool uses the "old trick" of subtracting the left from the right. This completely eliminates everything that's in the "center channel"... That is, anything that's identical in both left and right channels. However, there is usually more than just vocal in the center. Any centered instruments will be eliminated too. Any sounds that are somewhat off-center will be reduced, but not eliminated. There is usually some off-center (or out-of-phase) vocal remaining.

There is no similar simple method of doing the opposite... removing everything except the "center channel". L+R just gives you a regular-old mono signal. There is no mathmatical combination of L+R and L-R that eliminates the center channel!

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Remove music and leave vocals

Post by cdeamaze »

There is a post which discusses this subject in great details. see recovering vocals

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