How can I remove human voices in GoldWave?

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How can I remove human voices in GoldWave?

Post by daved92pol1 »

Hi there

I have a song witch i would like to change some voices ,like remove voice that the somebody is singing,does everyone knows how can I do that?

Thansk D.W.
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Post by Kummel »

There is effect ----> stereo ---> reduce vocals, that can sometimes reduce the voice. However, it works only in stereo files, and at the condition that the voice is located in the center. It will not remove completely, at this time there is no reliable system which exists to "unmix" an audio.

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Post by DewDude420 »

You can only achieve limited success in removing vocals from something thats already premixed. ... isolation/ is a tutorial I wrote on the subject a few months ago (back when I was actually serious about writing these....then for some reason i lost my head with it and haven't done any in a while)

the best way to attempt to do it while retaining some stereo is using the GWAmp plugin and dsp_centercut. there's a link to the plugin on the page and the gwamp is available off goldwave's page. the tutorial spends a lot of time explaing how and why you can't do it 100%.

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