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I am wondering how to do this:

I am setting up an audio track for my radio show.

I want to fade in with the instrumental track at a lesser amplitude, say, 1/4 of normal amplitude, so that way I can speak over the music. I can do this. It plays for about 30 seconds at a lesser amplitude. At a certain point, however, I want that set amplitude to 'FADE IN' to full normal volume BUT when I chose to fade again it starts with 0 amplitude, making the track sound weird.

I have attached a picture so you can see where the problem is but i don't know if it is going to show up. Circled in red is where i want to FADE IN again, but not from scratch, I want to fade in from the previous set amplitude. If anyone has help for me that would be SO great.

Feel free to instant message me on AOL Instant messenger at Psc5587

Thanks again

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I think this might be a bit tricky to get the timing "perfect" so you don't get glitches...

The fade-in and fade-out are very similar. For the fade-out, set the final volume to 25% (-12dB). For the fade-in, set the initial volume to 25% (-12dB). Then, use Volume Change to hold the volume at 25% for 30 seconds between the fades.

There is also a Volume Shape effect which allows you do "draw" the whole 30 second adjustment, complete with fade-down and fade-up. But, this might be difficult too, because of the view/zoom... You might not have enough time-resolution to make the fades you want.

Here's something that might work better, if it's not too confusing! ...Make two files. One at 75% and one at 25% all the way through.

Edit the louder file as follows: At the point where you want the fade-out to start, fade-out the file completely. Fade-in completely where you want the fade to end. Mute the audio in-between the fades.

Now, mix the two files together.

BTW - As a precaution to prevent clipping (distortion) after you mix-in your voice, Volume Maximize after mixing and before saving.

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Post by donrandall »

Since you are asking how to "duck" the music while using Goldwave, I am going waaaay out on a limb here and speculating that you are not going live, but are recording your presentation. Right?

Goldwave has a wonderful tool that allows you to do that so very easily - it is the Goldwave Voicover tool. It should be on your lower toolbar, on the right side and it looks like lips.

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