Feature Request: General purpose variables for batch/cmd

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Feature Request: General purpose variables for batch/cmd

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I would love to see the inclusion of a handful of general purpose variables that could be defined in the command line interface, that would then map to parameters in GW functions.

For example, I want to apply the time warp function on a file through the command line / batch feature.
Currently, one has to create a timewarp preset, then create a batch preset calling that timewarp preset.
However, to use a different time value, you have to edit the timewarp preset. If the timewarp preset could be set to a general purpose variable (let's call it $01) then in the command line, define $01=24:05 and run.
Same concept could be used for filename in a copy, or the file save value, or any other value that has to be preset. The options are endless if they are generic variables rather than a million fixed values (which don't exist).

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