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I just want to take a moment to say that Goldwave is really one of the best programs that I’ve ever put on my computer. It can do so much. A rare feature is that it can start recording from the command line. This allows you to control it from a batch file, and also start recording when specified events trigger. Really really great!!!
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Re: Kudos

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I could not agree more!

I have been using GoldWave for more than a decade. It does exactly what it claims to do, the interface is perfect, it never fails.

I have used it in so many projects for everything from simple trimming of wave files of a couple of seconds to complicated edits of speeches and conferences with files of well over an hour. It handles everything with grace and elegance.

Sometimes -- when I need to do "bulk" edits -- I have been able to load 50-100 seperate files at one time. GoldWave never even blinks.

Most other programs could learn a lot by studying the GoldWave interface and file handling skills. Well done!
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