Gratitude for years of Goldwave use

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Gratitude for years of Goldwave use

Post by lwk »

The 14th anniversary of my original purchase of Goldwave (version 4.2) will happen in a couple of days. Just moments ago I installed the recently released version 6.17. Over the years I have used Goldwave as my editor of choice for literally thousands of projects. I have been entirely satisfied with the software and appreciative of each and every improvement over the years. I have lost track of the number of music CD's, Internet sound clips, and DVD projects that have benefited from the application of Goldwave. My personal sound library contains over 29,000 digital files, most of which have come under the influence of Goldwave at one time or another. I am now retired from the music business and no longer have any vested commercial interest in or any specific use for music editing software beyond my own personal pleasure but I do want to make use of this forum to express my appreciation to Chris for his splendid contribution over so many years. Thanks for the great software.

All my best,
Larry Krantz

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Re: Gratitude for years of Goldwave use

Post by DougDbug »

I'll second that!!!!

GoldWave has always been one of the BEST, most stable, applications of any kind I've ever used. And, although I've very rarely need technical support (maybe once), I've never had better technical support from any other software company.

I wish my video software was as good. (And, VideoMeld isn't quite what I need.) I do sometimes use that other popular (free) audio editor when there's something GoldWave can't do.

I don't remember when I first got GoldWave or what version it was, but it might have been about the time I got Windows 98. With all of the free upgrades, the annual cost is approaching zero! I was trying-out GoldWave and Cool Edit, and I chose GoldWave because you got the whole full-program, whereas you had to pay extra to get all of the features with Cool Edit Pro. That was one of the best decisions I've ever made!

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Re: Gratitude for years of Goldwave use

Post by JackA »

I'll THIRD that!! Even though I use Goldwave unprofessionally, it is a joy to hear how it can enhance the sound of early audio CDs! About the time MP3s were making their appearance, a (WI) friend told me about Goldwave, maybe 2002? I used it even with it's TOLLS limitations. I finally felt the developer deserves to be reimbursed! Thank You!

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Re: Gratitude for years of Goldwave use

Post by V73C »

Absolutely concur with these statements. If everything was as 'peaceful' (as in just works like it should) as GoldWave, we could eliminate war.

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Re: Gratitude for years of Goldwave use

Post by monoRAIL »

Signed up just to reply to this thread and add my appreciation for GoldWave.

I first started using it as a student - tolerating the shareware time-out for a long time until I started professional game development. I ran into a situation where I needed to do a similar audio operation over a folder of hundreds of small wave files, and when I realized GoldWave could do this, and so would save me hours of work, I registered.

Since then I've welcomed the update popups - that one payment has given me enormous value over the years. I've used GoldWave on every game I've made, and I always recommend it to anyone who asks about audio software.

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Re: Gratitude for years of Goldwave use

Post by jay.dee »

Yes agreed - logged in just to add I was in exactly the same situation as JackA.
Keep up the great work Chris.

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Re: Gratitude for years of Goldwave use

Post by donrandall »

Me Too -- I have had two or three other editing programs, and just let them fade away. Goldwave is intuitive, easy to learn and use. And the Free Updates For Life is a wonderful bonus.

Thanks Chris... Goldwave Is The Best, because You Are The Best!

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Re: Gratitude for years of Goldwave use

Post by Dumbolino »

YES! I also want to thank Chris for the continuing support of this great piece of software! I just realized, that I use it now for over 14 Years! It is my absolute one stop solution for everything audio file editing. When I set up a new system, the first thing I do is to run Goldwave and try if it runs smooth. I'm a really really happy cutomer!
Thank you Chris!


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Re: Gratitude for years of Goldwave use

Post by Plainswind »

I also want to leave my note of thanks for Goldwave.
I discovered Goldwave way back when I first upgraded to Windows 95 from Windows 3.1. The internet at the time was still quite young and I happened across Goldwave, seeking out an audio editor that had much more capability than the built-in Windows WAV player or the editor that came with your "Sound Blaster" audio card. I worked with a lot of audio clips and loops for various projects over the years and Goldwave never ceases to be the best. Recently, I was disappointed to see that the preview function was lost when I upgraded to GoldWave that supported Windows 10 as I relied heavily upon this feature. (Chris had stated in the forms that Windows 10 had prevented the preview function from working correctly and he had to remove it.) I just received notice that an upgrade was available (v. 6.21) which restored the preview function. I am so happy!! This feature is very helpful to sift through thousands of clips, so I was ecstatic to learn that it had been restored. I appreciate Chris's dedication to this invaluable software for audio editing and restoration. Goldwave will always be my primary tool in my audio editing toolbox and the evolution of this software gets better with every release. Thanks to Chris for his years of dedication to this wonderful audio editing and restoration software.

- Plainswind

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Re: Gratitude for years of Goldwave use

Post by jimkata2000 »

Been awhile since I was in the forums, this caught my attention and I had to add my 2 cents. I can't even remember when I started using GoldWave, I started sometime during the '80's when I had to take recorded sound clips and convert them into .wav files for use in software. Spent a lot of time zoomed in fix problems and combining clips. Was so happy I had found GoldWave to help with the tasks, it has remained my favorite tool in my toolbox. I just recently digitized my complete CD library, some 200 cd's, in a couple days. I just started with my record collection. Just so many different things I can do with Goldwave. Thanks. Like others, I used it with the time-out feature, but eventually paid for it since it was so useful. I had an opportunity to teach a class in Audio/Video design and used Goldwave for a lot of the Audio portion, kids liked the software and some are still using. Thanks Goldwave Inc.

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Re: Gratitude for years of Goldwave use

Post by GAS55 »

As a new member, but an older user of Goldwave, I also had to offer my compliments and thanks to Chris for this fantastic program. Started using computers in the early 80's with DOS, (even had fun with batch files), and there are a few programs which I found intuitive and so easy to use, e.g. Lotus 123, that I just used them for as long as I could, and GW is up there with the best. The value is amazing.

Some observations of this forum:
Tristan's answers are worth the price of admission,
Some people would complain if their bum/arse/ass, WASN'T on fire!
Many thanks to all you regular respondents with your help, and yes, I would look for answers if I asked a question.
Cheers mates,

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Re: Gratitude for years of Goldwave use

Post by JackA »

I love my v5.70!!
I see Chris went with the 64 bit flow, 32 is more than fine here. Posting youtube music, mentioning GW.

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Re: Gratitude for years of Goldwave use

Post by MattDT »

Absolutely agree here too. GoldWave has been my audio editor of choice since the early 2000s, bringing thousands of cherished LPs into my portable digital realm. Reliable, capable and consistent. One of the few bits of software that I am glad to hand over money for.

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Re: Gratitude for years of Goldwave use

Post by BillK »

I have to say Congratulations to Chris for his GoldWave product for passing 25 years in existence! I first encountered GW about 22 years ago (plus or minus). I was involved in a project to make a few company web training videos. That, and coupled with my previous life as a musician, I have over 160,000 audio musical pieces in my collection. GoldWave has had a HUGE part in my continued enjoyment - even though now, I am totally retired.

Thank You Chris for a product whose quality is head and shoulders above the rest!

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Re: Gratitude for years of Goldwave use

Post by Willy »

This topic is a very good idea!

We initially purchased Goldwave in 1999, the previous century!
At the time, we thought it a considerable expense. But both my husband and myself have used Goldwave hundreds and hundreds of times for all sorts of projects.

We have said to each other so many times that this has been our best software purchase ever.
So indeed, we fully agree with the original message.

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