How to keep saved Expr. Eval. formulas on version update

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How to keep saved Expr. Eval. formulas on version update

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Yesterday I updated V5.7 to V6.19. But then I discovered that all the saved Expression Evaluator formulas I had created and named have disappeared. So I did a System Restore to go back to V5.7.

I would like to update to V6.19 if I can keep the saved Expression Evaluator formulas. Would it be necessary to copy each definition to a text file, upgrade and then recreate the formulas by hand? That would not be easy since I have about 30 different formulas saved. I hope there is an easier solution!

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Re: How to keep saved Expr. Eval. formulas on version updat

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I went entirely the wrong way on this. I forgot that there was a Setup function for Goldwave which lets you back up settings. I'm guessing that installing 6 doesn't actually wipe out the presets for 5, it's just no longer looking at the registry for them. The config utility for V6 (It's Goldwave Setup on the start menu, or you can just do it in command line by running goldwave.exe -config) has a function to transfer settings from V5.

As a precaution; I would export the entire registry key for goldwave 5. Run regedit and browse to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Goldwave. Right click on the Goldwave "folder" and select "Export", save the .reg file somewhere you'll find it.

Install V6 and then run the Goldwave Setup and click "Transfer Settings from V5"; that should import everything from the registry. If...for some reason...the V6 install removes the registry keys; just double click on the .reg file and let Windows add them back in.

I have both 5.7 and 6 on my other laptop; and I don't recall doing anything specific when I installed 6 to have it keep 5.7, so I'm pretty sure you shouldn't need the registry backup.


Here's all I can say on the subject as I haven't made as many presets in the last few years.

6 keeps all effect presets in a XML file located in UserDirectory\.AppData\Roaming\Goldwave\

5 keeps all of it's effect presets in the registry.

You may be able to do something with this; though you might have to do some editing by hand. As an example, I exported part of the expression evaulator preset from the registry, here is a small example of what I got.

Code: Select all

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\GoldWave\GoldWave\Evaluator\Waves\Beam fade]
Here are the same two presets as they appear in the version 6 XML file

Code: Select all

		<Branch Name="Waves">
			<Branch Name="Beam fade">
				<Value Name="Equation">sin(5000*t+sin(300*t*t*exp(-t/4))*5)*exp(-t/3)</Value>
				<Value Name="n">0000000000000000</Value>
				<Value Name="t">0000000000000000</Value>
				<Value Name="x">0000000000000000</Value>
				<Value Name="y">0000000000000000</Value>
				<Value Name="f">0000000000407f40</Value>
			<Branch Name="Chirp from y to f over x sec.">
				<Value Name="Equation">sin(2*pi*(y*t + (exp(t*ln(f-y)/x)-1)/(ln(f-y)/x)))</Value>
				<Value Name="n">0000000000000000</Value>
				<Value Name="t">36c8242367912340</Value>
				<Value Name="x">0000000000002440</Value>
				<Value Name="y">0000000000005940</Value>
				<Value Name="f">0000000000006940</Value>
For the most part, the data between the two are almost formatted exactly the same; but you'll have to hand-edit the file unless you're good with scripting and can have a script spit out the right format.

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