Searching for and removing micro-second signal dropouts

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Searching for and removing micro-second signal dropouts

Post by Pluto46 » Sat Mar 05, 2016 12:48 pm

I'm sure this issue has been dealt with previously, but searches for "dropout" and "remove silence" don't serve up the answer I need.

The problem: micro drop-outs in an audio file, how to detect them and remove them.

Say I have an audio file of music downloaded from a radio station or recorded by satellite. When I play it I can hear momentary losses of signal, or dropouts. These signal losses only last a fraction of a second, something like 0.020 seconds.

The thing is, if there's one such dropout, the file will inevitably have more. I often examine the files visually - about 10 seconds' worth in the Goldwave window - and repair them manually. But it takes time. (I'd include a screenshot, but it doesn't look as if it's supported in this forum.)

I've also used in the past a program called Integrity by Tracer Technologies. Very useful. It finds dropouts and tells you where they are. Unfortunately, while it's good at detecting gaps, it tells you where they are in seconds and fractions of seconds, i.e. 123.15, 260.70, so you have to divide the numbers by 60 to find the correct position in Goldwave.

What I'm wondering is whether Goldwave has any possibility to detect these small micro dropouts and then remove them.I've tried the Effect > filter > silence reduction, but it doesn't do the job I'm looking for.

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