Auto gain then compress, or vice versa

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Auto gain then compress, or vice versa

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Hello all,
I often use GW to compress radio shows (so there's a lot of voice recording). I usually use autogain to max the volume, and then time compress it using similarity so I can listen to one hour in 30 or 40 minutes. My question is, does it make a sound quality difference which process I do first? I can't really hear a difference, but I was just wondering if there was a technical reason that would be better to do one before the other. Thank you!
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Re: Auto gain then compress, or vice versa

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If you haven't noticed a difference, I wouldn't worry about it.

AutoGain is sort-of "tuned" to work most-naturally at normal speed, but there are timing adjustments and it's always a compromise anyway. On the other hand if you time-compress first, any processing you do after that will be faster because you have a smaller file.
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