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Recording issue

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When I use Goldwave for scheduled recordings (using speaker loopback), I find that it SOMETIMES will start recording regardless if something (typically a browser) is playing or not. Other times it will seem to DELAY until some program or browser is producing sound. This is NOT the level activated feature, but kind of acts like it. This can mess things up if you record a couple of things in series, and an unexpected delay causes them to overlap.

I can't figure out why it will sometimes take off recording, and other times it will wait for something to make some "noise" for it to record.

Any insights? Thank you!
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Re: Recording issue

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Windows sound drivers can be very inconsistent when using LOOPBACK recording. Some drivers will record continuously, some intermittently (depending on whether or not audio is playing). You could create a new file in GoldWave and use the playback settings to play it in an infinite loop (set Loop to 0). That will ensure that there is a continuous stream to record.

If you are recording things in series, you could make one long recording and save the parts to separate files after (use File | Save Selection As).
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