Error: "Install missing presets?" [GoldWave 6.30]

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Error: "Install missing presets?" [GoldWave 6.30]

Post by creibens »

This old error (GoldWave 5.14) just reappeared after updating from 6.27 to 6.30 :-(
On 2006-11-05 18:20 GMT, creibens wrote: When I start GoldWave, I often get the error message: "GoldWave settings and presets could not be found for the current user. Install them now?". What is this?

Fortunately, I saved all my settings from 5.13 and can load them, when I start "GoldWave Setup" from the system menu. But on the next start, the settings seem to be lost, and I get the mentioned error. When I answer "No", the settings still seem to be intact, so GoldWave obviously still knows them. But when I answer "Yes", the settings are set to some odd (and unwanted) values, and I have to restart it via "GoldWave Setup" again.
For the time being, I always answer "No". This keeps my settings intact, but causes GoldWave to ask again at the next start. But when I accidentally answer "Yes", I have to run through GoldWave Setup again and restore the settings.

This time, the hint I was given about 10 years ago does not solve the problem :-(

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Re: Error: "Install missing presets?" [GoldWave 6.30]

Post by GoldWave Inc. »

That kind of a problem can occur if GoldWave is installed as one user, but is being run as a different user. Or if you restored old settings, that could cause it as well.

Also when you install or upgrade GoldWave, the presets included with GoldWave are set to their original settings. To retain custom preset settings, be sure to use a unique name for your presets.

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Re: Error: "Install missing presets?" [GoldWave 6.30]

Post by Waffles »

I just rebuilt my computer and installed everything new. Upon importing my backed up settings from GoldWave v6.36 into v6.41 I got this error. I then exported the current settings and did a file comparison. The only difference I could see was that the new backup had additional settings (for new features).

I think it's safe to say that the old backup imported successfully, then the missing defaults were filled in. The error message should probably reflect this better.

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