steep but good-sounding highpass filters?

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steep but good-sounding highpass filters?

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Hi all,
I have a question about the spectrum filter in Gold Wave. I like the spectrum filter a lot. Because I am blind, I find it difficult to negotiate the graphs, though I can with some patience, and am able to set up my own curves. I've used it to lowpass, highpass and bandpass and notch out sounds. The reason I like it is that it has a much cleaner sound than the old Gold Wave filters do. Those old filters have a sort of springy quality to them, especially when affecting low frequencies. That could be useful I guess, but I don't like it. So I've migrated to using the spectrum filter. And my question is this: is there a VST which can offer similar functionality? I don't need a graph here, in fact the main thing I'd need it for is a highpass filter to remove clunks and bumps from my mic.

If I set the spectrum filter to remove all frequencies below around 60 HZ, it preserves all the bass in my voice and mic, but removes a very large chunk of the nearly subsonic vibrations from my mic, and does not color the sound of my voice in any audible way. For my needs, I normally make the curve very steep. FFT size of 10-11 and a very sharp curve on the graph.

So far, I've had to make recordings in Gold Wave, filter them, load them into Reaper, and process from there with a chain I've made to further clean up my mic. I'd like to do this all in Reaper. The problem is that I don't know of effects loadable in Reaper like dx, vst, or js, that advertise filters capable of steep or clean cutoffs, and the few FFT filters I've heard have strange problems of their own, especially the JS ones in Reaper. All the VSTS I've looked at, which admittedly isn't many, are meant for gentler filters, and the ones that can go steeper normally aren't meant for such a degree of filtering as I am wanting or have artifacts. I could also use such a vst in Gold Wave as well if I felt like it, making it easier for me to set up a simple highpass filter for instance. All I"d need to have in the VST would be filter cutoff and steapness, from gentle to very steep, and if it's an fft process, maybe fFT size too. Other parameters, while not immediately necessary, wouldn't be ignored either. I'd be willing to pay a reasonable price for a plug-in if it sounds good. Free is nice though. So does anyone know something I should try for this purpose?

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Re: steep but good-sounding highpass filters?

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If you're shopping around for filters, see if there are demos available you can download and try. I don't use pass filtering in GoldWave so I can't compare what GoldWave does to other programs or plug-ins.
If I can read the manual, so can you.

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