Finding duration of selection and keep that duration fixed

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Finding duration of selection and keep that duration fixed

Postby Naturalist » Fri Sep 28, 2018 12:03 am

i have 2 questions.

I want to cut out a 35 second portion from a song for making ringtone.

When i select a part, it shows me the start time and the end time. But i don't get exactly how long is the portion I've selected till i have marked the end point. I have to manually calculate on the fly (end minus start) to get the duration. Is there a way that will show exactly the length I'm selecting while dragging the selection marker?

After I've selected a specific length of audio - can I move it (the selection) around? I mean the duration of selection will remain fixed but the start and end points will change.
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Re: Finding duration of selection and keep that duration fix

Postby Michael REMY » Sun Oct 07, 2018 7:17 am

i check the goldwave 6.35 release, and the duration is displayed like this exemple :
1:17.576 to 4:32.436 (3:14.860)

i did not find such feature, but it would very useful for me too !
sometimes, i also need to move a selected part without change the selected duration.
have a "frozen" selected feature which will ofer the way to move it (like CTRL+cursor key) is good idea ! but it requiert a dialog window to specify the step of the move.
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