Cannot Start Playback v. 6.4

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Cannot Start Playback v. 6.4

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Recently the "preview" pop up screen has changed & the preview play/pause button on the right [blue] has disappeared, and there is a check box to preview at the bottom of the screen. When I preview any MP3 sound file, & attempt to go into the main program window to play that track or file I get this error: "cannot start playback." I've checked for the latest sound drivers updates, and I'm current. Microsoft Player works for sound as well. Should I un-install v6.4 and re-install it, or download an earlier verious of Goldwave?

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Re: Cannot Start Playback v. 6.4

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Due to changes in Windows, the preview buttons had to be replaced with the checkbox. However that should not cause the problem you mentioned. Files are previewing, opening, and playing fine on my system. Try restarting your computer to see if that helps.

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