feature request - keypress on font dropdown moves fontselect

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feature request - keypress on font dropdown moves fontselect

Postby fw0rd » Sat Aug 19, 2017 3:32 pm

glad to be back to using VideoMeld again, now I have a 5 year registration. Hope to be able to use this product a lot more in the future. I previously posted here and found that my suggestions were incorporated in one way or another, and I was very happy about that, so, here goes again with a minor item...

A fairly basic enhancement I would like to see... When editing text, the Caption dialog has a font select option.

Today I had to change the font on a number of captions, and I have a lot of fonts. Luckily, the font I was using started with a C, so I didn't have to scroll too far on each change, but, it was a tad tedious and if there were a lot of captions it would be problematic.

While of course I could edit the XML, I always prefer to use the product itself.

It's typical in a lot of different software products to allow a user to advance the font select dialog by pressing the first letter of the font name desired. Other products will allow you to continue, pressing a number of characters to go directly to the font.

This would have saved me a little time today (not a lot), but I am sure it's relatively simple to implement.

Taking this a step further, some products (such as photoshop) will show the name of the font rendered with the font. Perhaps a toggleable panel to the left of the Caption dialog which shows available fonts rendered with the font that allows you to select them would be a useful visual tool here.

Thanks again for this product, which still stands out as the best, most affordable tool for creating interesting videos.
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