Will VideoMeld support HEIF/HEIC HEVC sequences and video?

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Will VideoMeld support HEIF/HEIC HEVC sequences and video?

Postby Vitdom » Sat Jul 07, 2018 9:11 am

The MPEG-H Part 12 High Efficiency Image File Format will be supported in the next Windows 10 version 1809 and Android P version updates. It is already supported in iOS as of version 11. Use cases supported by HEIF include:
  • Storage of still images as well as collection of images in a single container file,
  • Storage of burst photos,
  • Storage and efficient representation of video animations and cinemagraphs.
  • Support for simultaneous capture of video and still images, i.e. storing still images and timed image sequences into the same file.
  • Storage of images derived from other images of the file, either as derived images represented by non-destructive image editing operations or as pre-computed derived images.
  • Storage of focal and exposure stacks into the same container file.
  • Support for storing other media, such as audio and timed text, into the same container file with timed image sequences and synchronizing their playback.
HEIF files can aside from single HEVC-encoded pictures also store "Audio tracks and cover images along with still images and Image sequences, such as cinemagraphs or image bursts and related metadata, and Auxiliary image data such as depth map and alpha channel along with the images."

Will VideoMeld support HEVC H.265 and HEIF/HEIC video and sequences?
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