Effect goes to the wrong section

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Joe Giaquinto
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Effect goes to the wrong section

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This has been a strange and ongoing problem for me. I have a track with music, background video, some title/text captions and a logo. When I added the image/logo, I had no problem applying effects such as the size, aspect ratio correction, fade in/out, etc. However, when I try to apply another effect to it (specifically to reposition it nearer the bottom of the window) the effect changes the background video and not the logo image. I've seen this issue with trying to apply changes/special effects to text such as color changes. I have checked to ensure I'm selecting the logo and not any other elements in the project. Why is this occurring? Any thoughts? Using v1.61.
GoldWave Inc.
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Re: Effect goes to the wrong section

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I have not encountered that problem so far. Is there a sequence of steps that always causes the problem. If you choose the Effect button on the section itself (instead of using the Effect toolbar button), does that make a difference? Also are any sections linked? Note that v1.62 is the latest version.
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