Timeline is off

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Timeline is off

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I am using Multiquence to mix 2 video sequences of a live show taken at the same time using 2 different cameras. Both sequences are about 5 minutes long and were digitalized in MPEG2 (640x480, 30 fps) using the same computer (Pentium 4 3.0 GHz, 1 Gb RAM).

When using the "Play All" button, the sequences are staying perfectly aligned all the way, the result is great.

However, when I use "Play from Marker to End", the sequences are really shifted. The shifting is not constant depending on the position of the Marker, it varies between 2 and 7 seconds.

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Re: Timeline is off

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That is an unavoidable problem with variable bitrate files. There is no exact correlation between the time in the file and the number of bytes that must be skipped to get to that time. It is best to use constant bitrate files or convert them to an indexed format, such as WMV.


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this really isn't any different than what the adminstrator just said, but
I've encountered this exact same problem when running sequences that include both WAVs and MP3s.

I imagined that the compressed files just weren't preciesly compatable with uncompressed files. When played together from the beginning, it's no problem. But starting playback from anywhere else across the files, they don't seem to line up.

I don't work with any video, but I think MPEG is to video
as MP3 is to audio, and here, at least theoretically, the problem is consistent and explainable .

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