arming mulitple recording sections/inputs at the same time?

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arming mulitple recording sections/inputs at the same time?

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So, I've finally set myself up with several inputs via multiple soundcards and audio interfaces, and it all works as it should - I can select a different input for different recording sections, and record from mulitiple sources simultaneously. Which is cool.

BUT - is there any way to start 3 or 4 recording sections at the exact same time? I seem to be limited by having to click "record" on each of the individual sections... which creates about a half-second offset between tracks! they end up being out of sync with each other by what ever fraction of a second it takes me to move the mouse around to all the 'record' buttons on each of the sections.

Although I've developed a very low-tech workable solution to this problem, I'd really like to be able to click one button and have 3 tracks start recording from three different sources at the exact same split-second.

am I missing something, and/or is this something that might be tweaked in a future update?

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Re: arming mulitple recording sections/inputs at the same ti

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It sounds like you are using separate Sound Recorder windows for each recording. Instead, use the Track | New and the Track | Create recording section commands to create recording sections on separate tracks. Right-click on each section to select a different device and source for each section. When you start playing the project, audio will be recorded in all the recording sections simultaneously (synchronized).


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