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TIP: CPU Min/Max Freq

Posted: Sat Jun 30, 2007 11:07 pm
by JeffBTX
I stumbled into what might be called a "newbie" error today. I'm posting here for the benefit of others, and GoldWave Inc might consider posting something of this into online documentation and the next version Help.

I've been using Multiquence for about two days now - my main use to is to render raytraced images / frames into movies (I am using .PNG files). So far I've been "in the learning curve", but I have settled into what I consider to be my favorite resolutions, image display times, movie format and codec for this type of animation. So far my experiments were all successful / informative, and I decided to render and animate all of the movies that came with the raytracer (POVRay, ) in the tutorials.

Before I started making final versions of these movies (after all of my experiments) I decided to clean up, so I defragmented my HD, etc. I also changed my computer's *POWER PROFILE*; no particular reason, but I wanted my computer to be able to "cool off" a bit in between raytracer sessions. I want from a high performance mode (CPU Min and Max freq at 100%) to a custom "balanced" profile, CP Min 50%, Max 100%.

All of the sudden the movies that I was producing were... "stuttering". The seek bar in Windows Media Player 11 proceeded smoothly, but the frames didn't make sense... they "froze", "jumped" "stuttered". PREVIOUS movies that I had made seemed fine. Eventually I had it figured out, and experimented some more.

Basically it doesn't matter what CPU power profile you are running when PLAYING movies (unless you have your Max CPU freq at 10% or something) but it DOES matter a LOT when MAKING movies. When using Multiquence, DON'T use a "Balanced" power profile, use a "High Performance" power profile; Min and Max CPU freq needs to be at 100%

Re: TIP: CPU Min/Max Freq

Posted: Tue Jul 03, 2007 9:54 pm
by GoldWave Inc.
The speed of the processor or the power profile setting shouldn't matter when saving a project as a video file in Multiquence. If you are previewing playback within Multiquence, then the processor needs to be fast to load and play all the images in real time. When saving as a file, Multiquence takes as much time as needed to load and combine the images, even on a slow processor. The stuttered playback may be a symptom of a different problem.


Maybe Vista...

Posted: Wed Jul 04, 2007 6:06 am
by JeffBTX
It may be a fluke in Vista, or possibly even in my computer then (this machine was custom built by a local yokel OEM builder in Abilene, Texas, I am not completely pleased with everything he did). Maybe a combination of OS > Motherboard > Drivers.

I DID manage to re-create the error. A clue: so far, there is only ONE game that I have installed on this Vista machine ("Vegastrike", a free (GNU) space simulation). In Vegastrike, if my computer is NOT running in High Performance Mode (min and max CPU freq 100%), the game would have "weird" crashes frequently (weird = a "white out" screen for a few seconds before the OS crashed completely).