Desperately in need of a Video Tutorial

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Desperately in need of a Video Tutorial

Post by JeffBTX »

Most of my work will be RayTraced animations with no sound, though occasionally I might add sound effects or even an entire soundtrack. Basically it is taking a long sequence of images (in .PNG format) at 320x240, 640x480, 800x600 or 1024x768 and making a movie out of them.

For actual examples of movies produced with the Raytracer POVRay ( ) see the International RayTracer Competition pages ( ). There are MANY excellent high quality movies at that site, indicating what *I* want to do after I get more experience, but see this page:
And view the movie "The Imposter" (resolution at 384x216?) or "Chess" (352x288 - why these "weird" resolutions?)
You can navigate thru the IRTC website and see ALL the entries going back a few years. For now, the IRTC *only* accepts animations done in MPEG format.

I don't have a lot of experience with Multiquence yet, I am "still in the learning curve". For my own use, I think I like to save videos in .AVI format. The INDEO codec seems to offer the best trade off in video quality versus final video file size. I *do* have the DivX video encoder installed, but I don't like the "DivX" logo that shows up briefly in the final video (it just annoys me). In general, I need advice in how to produce better AVIs and WMVs. If I ever want to submit to the IRTC, I need to learn about MPEG.

So far, all of the MPEGS I've produced are extremely blotchy. I don't know how to use the MPEG settings when I SaveToVideo. I've tried increasing the bitrate. I DON'T know a thing about how to optimze the multiplexing settings, or any of the other settings for that matter.

Are there any good tutorials on the net? Any advice anyone can give me? When I GOOGLE for "MPEG tutorial" or "MPEG tutorial blotchy" I mostly get advertisements for other products.

In particular - my MPEGS have a "blocky" / "blotchy" / "patchy" look. How do I get rid of that?

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Re: Desperately in need of a Video Tutorial

Post by GoldWave Inc. »

Searching on Google for "bbmpeg blocky" might give some better hits.

The weird resolutions are related to the MPEG format.

If you have a huge amount of storage space and separate software for MPEG encoding, you may want to save as an uncompressed RGB AVI, then use the separate software to convert that video to MPEG.

If you are saving in WMV format, try using the quality setting rather than the bitrate setting.


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Post by PapaJohn »

I'd suggest getting a copy of Jan Ozer's book 'dv101'... here's a link to one site selling it. ... p?id=32510

I have a copy and often read/re-read it on the beach... especially the info about MPEG files.

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