MULTIQUENCE does not find DirectX on statr-up

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MULTIQUENCE does not find DirectX on statr-up

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I have installed MULTIQUENCE and every time I start it, there is an error message: "MULTIQUENCE requires DirectX 8 or later. I have uninstalled and reinstalled twice.

Computer is Apple MacBook Pro
Windows using Paralles V3.0 running XP SP2
I have the latest version of DirectX
GoldWave runs fine

I have had problems running MovieMaker and Pinacle Studio 10, but that was resolved by turning hardware acceleration off.

MULTIQUENCE will not start with or without hardware acceleration.

Any suggestions?

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Re: MULTIQUENCE does not find DirectX on statr-up

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That kind of problem is usually caused by a corrupt installation of DirectX. Is an error code given in the message box title bar? You may need to delete the QUARTZ.DLL file and reinstall DirectX. Also make sure the DXTMSFT.DLL file is installed. Also install the latest version of Windows Media Player.


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