Losing center channel after encoding

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Losing center channel after encoding

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Hi Chris. I am taking a camera MOV, minus its mono audio (del section, del track) and combining the remaining vid with a GW 2-trk, rendered down from a multi-trk. The audio file is fine in every respect, 24-48k reduced to 16-44. The encoding is mp4 with 16bit 44.1. On playback, the vocal is all verby as though the centre channel got scrubbed. Is there some kind of mid/side processing going on during rendering? I collapsed the 2-trk to mono and encoded that and it was OK, just not as vibrant as the stereo image. When I use the stereo source file, I lose the vocal in the centre. I could ftp them to you?
rgds, WT

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Re: Losing center channel after encoding

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It sound like some left/right channel mixing is being done with one of the channels being inverted, similar to the effect you'd get using GoldWave's Reduce Vocals effect. Multiquence doesn't mix the channels that way, so something else must be causing the problem on the decoding/encoding side. Some sound card's can mix channels as well (or simulate a Karaoke effect to remove vocals). Make sure the file plays normally outside of Multiquence such as in Windows Media Player and the Sound Recorder accessory.


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