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I am wondering how to do this:

I am setting up an audio track for my radio show.

I want to fade in with the instrumental track at a lesser amplitude, say, 1/4 of normal amplitude, so that way I can speak over the music. I can do this. It plays for about 30 seconds at a lesser amplitude. At a certain point, however, I want that set amplitude to 'FADE IN' to full normal volume BUT when I chose to fade again it starts with 0 amplitude, making the track sound weird.

I have attached a picture so you can see where the problem is but i dont know if it is going to show up. Circled in red is where i want to FADE IN again, but not from scratch, I want to fade in from the previous set amplitude. If anyone has help for me that would be SO great.

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Thanks again

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This should be fairly easy. I assume you set the volume by using the section or track options. To adjust the volume within an audio section or the brightness in a video section, select the Effect menu and select Fade Graph. This will put a horizontal dashed red line in every section, which represents the relative volume or brightness at that instant. For example, if you set your volume to 50% for the track, every section should have the dashed line at about the vertical midpoint.

To adjust, first select the section. Then at the point where you want the volume change to begin, left click on the dashed line. A tiny red circle (anchor point) will appear. If you put it at the wrong place you can drag it left or right. Then go to the point where you want the volume to stop increasing (or decreasing), left click on the line, HOLD the mouse button down, and drag the line up or down as appropriate. Another anchor point will appear there. Unfortunately, the dashed line is still anchored to the end of the section, so go there and drag the line up or down until the last portion is level. Otherwise, the volume will slowly fade back to its original level. The same technique works for video brightness. You can change volume or brightness as often as you like (within reason, I suppose) within a section. If you mess up badly, merely go to the Effect menu, select Set Fade, and reset the volume for the section to one of the available percentages.

You can also use a similar technique for video and audio cross fades. For video cross fades, use two tracks and alternate the video or slide sections between them. Overlap the ends by a second or so unless you want a full fade to black. Then either manually select the sections and drag the dashed lines or, much easier, select a group of sections or a whole track (right click on the track header and choose Select all sections in track), and finally go to the Effect menu and select Set Fade. There you have several choices for faded ends. I usually use a one-second overlap and then select 100% with one second faded ends. After you do that you can still make manual adjustments to the dashed line in a particular section.

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