Goldwave and SAM

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Goldwave and SAM

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Hello. I'm in the process of trying to become an internet radio announcer, and the station I plan to work for needs a demo. I currently use SAM Broadcaster and would like to know if there's a way I can record directly from SAM to Goldwave in order to make my demo. If so, can I use the internal sound card for both of them, or do I need to use a separate sound device in order to record from SAM to Goldwave?

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Re: Goldwave and SAM

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If the audio be being streamed directly to the internet and not passing through your sound card, then you won't be able to record it. Otherwise, see this link. If you are doing a live broadcast, which means your sound card is already in use to record your voice, then you may need a second sound card to record the broadcast (but it's possible that GoldWave will share the sound card).


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