How to match audio and video sections?

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How to match audio and video sections?

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Hi Chris,

I have deleted the original audio section of a MTV and left the video section only. Then I was trying to add a new audio file of another song and it was added.

However, the song file is much longer (4 mins) than the video file (2 mins), so when saving as a video, the new saved video file contains much longer time, and when the video playback is over, the music is still playing.

Please advise how to trim that music file from 4 to 2 mins. Also please advise what type of video format is of the best quality for new saved video file. I saved as MS Mpeg1.

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Re: How to match audio and video sections?

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Click on the music section so that it is selected, move the marker (click on the time line/axis) to the place where you want to trim the music, then use Edit | Trim end.

Another approach is to double-click on the music section to display the options, select the "Part of sound" option, then enter 2:00 for "To".

Saving as either Windows Media or Quick Time (Multiquence v2.52 required) gives you a good level of control over the quality and file size of the video. Start with the default settings. You can change settings to increase the "kbps" bitrate value if you need higher quality.

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