How to use AUTOFADE to cut off music?

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How to use AUTOFADE to cut off music?

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I've been working hard to make "autofade" happen for the music track on my video, but still could not figure out how to use it. Basically I want to end the background music when the video ends, but my music file is too long. I can cut it by "TRIM END" but I want it to end with autofade.

I did have tried to add "autofade" on the "EFFECT." But the problem is: I could not add this feature on the music track (say track 2). I was asked to create a new track and put autofade on that, so it could not work. In addition, I could not tell the difference of different "preset" autofade such as "cross fade," "instant 50" and "one second blend."

Would you please highlight the procedure? I realize you are busy, but please throw some lights in so that I can get through this last barrier for a good video editing experience. Thank you so much!
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Re: How to use AUTOFADE to cut off music?

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Autofade is designed for voice over work where you need to fade the background audio when many voice sections are present.

To fade out the end of a song, you'll need to use the Effect | Fade graph command to display the fade line in sections, then click on the line or drag the points to change the shape so it slopes downward for the last 5 seconds or so.

See the "Discovery Launch" section in the third track on the screen shot for an example of a section with both fade in and fade out.

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