How to cut some frames in the middle a section?

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How to cut some frames in the middle a section?

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Thanks for your great answers to my previous questions. Things have been going quite well after I read your posts. Today, would you please summarize the procedure to cut some frames in the middle of a section, e.g. a video clip? What I am doing now is complicated: First I use the marker to mark the first frame I wish to cut, and trim the rest, and copy and past the "trimmed end" into another track. Now the FIRST HALF is created. And on the new track, I use the marker to mark the last frame I want to cut, and then I trim the beginning. Then I copy and past back to the first track and combine with the first half.

I wonder if there is a way to mark the beginning and the end of the portion to be cut.

Thank you a lot!
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Post by Felix »

There are two methods I can suggest:

Method 1
Move the marker to the beginning of the portion you want to cut (by dragging it or by using the Set Marker command). Use the 'Split' command to split the section in two. Then move the the marker to the end of the portion you want to cut (somewhere in the middle of the newly created second section). Use the 'Split' command again. Your video should now be split into three sections. Simply delete the middle section (select it and hit 'Delete') then drag the end section so its beginning is flush with the end of the first section.

Method 2
Double-click on your video section (or right click and select 'Section options'). In the dialog box that comes up select the 'Part of clip' radio button. In the 'To' box enter the start time of the portion you want to cut and click OK. You will now get your 'FIRST HALF'. Copy this 'FIRST HALF' and paste it directly behind itself. Double-click again and select 'Part of clip'. This time change the 'From' time to the end of the portion you want to cut and change the 'To' time back to 'End'.

Or, instead of copying and pasting your 'FIRST HALF' you could just add a new section containing the original video and edit the start time of that.
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Post by nukacola »

for simple edits such as removing a frames from the video, add callouts, watermarks, logos, etc. suggest to use presentavid tool.
removing the frames is sync to removing the audio.
you can edit a video and then publish it in any format you need including flash.

btw now they have a huge discount for those who will decide to buy it, otherwise its free to try.
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