Synchronisation problem

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Synchronisation problem

Post by Khaildoran »

I got a 3-tracks file that i try to save in audio format but when the 2nd and the 3rd track start, they start a few tenth of seconds too late and it's getting worst as the playback keeps going on. Can you help me?

N.B. (1) when i start the playback from the marker, that is positionned just before the beginning of track 2 or 3, the tracks are synchronized.

N.B. (2) the three audio tracks are synchronized at the same speed, so speed is not the problem.

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Re: Synchronisation problem

Post by GoldWave Inc. »

If the files are in MP3 format, try saving them in Wave format instead (or use the Solo track button and save as wave in Multiquence for each track). Make sure they all have the same sampling rate (such as 44100Hz).

If each track was originally recorded using different sound cards, some drifting will occur. A very small speed change may be needed to eliminate those differences.

If any glitches occurred during recording (gaps or stutters caused by excessive Windows hard drive use or "thrashing"), that would throw off synchronization. The tracks would have to be recorded. Restart your system and defragment your hard drive before recording.


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