GoldWave v6.00 Beta Released

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GoldWave v6.00 Beta Released

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GoldWave v6.00 Beta is now available.

Warning: GoldWave v6.00 is a beta (test) version and may be unstable. Use this version for testing only. Do not redistribute.

GoldWave v6.00 requires Windows 7 64 bit or later. It will not run or install on any 32 bit versions of Windows.

GoldWave v6.00 is a major update to with many changes across the entire program, primarily for
multichannel support for up to 8 channels and 64 bit executable for accessing more than 2 GB of memory.

Larger tool bar buttons, themes, and many other interface changes have been made to improve usability.
The old compiled help system and manual have been replaced with a unified help file in standard HTML format.

  • Only mono, stereo, 3.1, 5.1, and 7.1 channel layouts are supported. 4 channel stereo front/rear is not supported.
  • The help/manual has not been fully updated.
  • Memory storage is now used by default for faster processing. To use hard drive storage, use Options | Storage to change the setting. Files stored in memory cannot be recovered if a crash occurs.
  • Settings are now stored in a file in standard XML format in the application data folder instead of the Windows registry. Licenses, which were stored in the registry, are not found automatically. A license must be entered again. Custom settings and presets from older versions of GoldWave will not be carried over to v6.00.
  • APEFile, GWBPMCounter, GWMPVisual, DirectX plug-ins have not been updated yet.
  • Some plug-ins are not supported yet. These include:
    • QTFile - 64 bit version of QTMLClient.dll is not provided by Apple.
    • GWVST - 32 bit VST modules cannot be loaded into a 64 bit program.
    • GWAMP - 32 bit plug-ins cannot be loaded into a 64 bit program.
    Work will continue to add these (if feasible).
Restart your computer before installing GoldWave to eliminate any existing system instability.
GoldWave v6.00 Beta Download (removed)
Installation key required to install the beta version: bt-14

The installer will install the program in a "GoldWave6" folder to keep it separate from any previous installations of GoldWave.

Please report any problems through the contact form.
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