High-End Ring Added to Low-End Audio

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High-End Ring Added to Low-End Audio

Post by Derek_G »

I wrote you an email about this a couple years ago, but it's something that I've noticed much more during my recent projects. In my email I said that there was a high-end ring that could be heard when low-end tracks like bass or kick drums were played, and you responded that this is true during playback, but after saving the audio to a file the ring would go away...and that turned out to be true...to an extent. The tests I did years back did seem to completely eliminate the ring when saving the mix as an audio file, but as I'm moving into more of a "house" genre with really thick bass, I'm finding that the ring persists even after saving as audio. The test I'm doing is very basic: I open up a WAV bass sample in MultiQuence, make sure there's no clipping, save as an audio file, and then listen to the original and the new file in GoldWave. There is a definite loss in bass "potency" and the addition of a high-end ring, just not as loud or apparent as the ring when being played back live through MultiQuence. The ring during playback in MultiQuence is really just an annoyance, because it makes leveling difficult since you're not hearing the true track, but if it persists after saving then it would deter me from using MultiQuence as the final mixing software. I know MultiQuence is 2nd seat to GoldWave right now, but as you chip away at MultiQuence improvements anything you can do to eliminate this ringing would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: High-End Ring Added to Low-End Audio

Post by tysonlee »

For those of us holding on to this wonderful little gem: please give us a tool to do compression! I need to be able to decide which volumes get which amplification, or at least some sort of compression slider. I would hope if you do make it, it would be like your other tools: detail-oriented and highly flexible, so us tinkerers can really get the most out of it.
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Re: High-End Ring Added to Low-End Audio

Post by GoldWave Inc. »

A Compressor/Expander/Limiter effect is in the works for the next version.

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