Permission to save

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Permission to save

Post by mrfish »

When I try to save a wav file, I get an error message saying I don't have permission to save to that directory and do I want to save to mymusic folder. I say yes, but the file is still not saved.
What the !@#$%

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Re: Permission to save

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That kind of a problem would have to be something specific to your computer setup. Perhaps you can use the File | Save As window to create a new folder and try saving the file there. Or you can try reinstalling GoldWave to see if that helps.

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Re: Permission to save

Post by Waffles »

When you go to launch GoldWave, right-click the shortcut and click "Run as Administrator." If you still get permission errors, try reinstalling GoldWave and run the installer "as administrator" (and then run GoldWave "as administrator").

Also check to make sure the save destination doesn't have the read-only flag turned on.

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