Vinyl rips in mono

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Vinyl rips in mono

Post by dani72 »

Hi. I'm recording from vinyl to digital using [url=]Rega Fono Mini[/url] connected to the Planar 3 turntable. When I did it on my PC everything worked perfectly but on my laptop the recording in Goldwave is entirely in mono. Any idea why this would be happening? I've checked all the settings under Control Properties and everything looks fine. The only difference between the PC & laptop in terms of setup is that the laptop has USB-C ports so I have to use the Dell adapter supplied with it. Could that be the problem?
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Re: Vinyl rips in mono

Post by Tristan »

I've recorded stereo to Goldwave on a number of different PC's with no issue, so I'm guessing your hardware -- or at least your hardware setting -- is the problem.
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Re: Vinyl rips in mono

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Windows may be configured for mono. Right-click the Windows volume/speaker icon and select Open Sound Settings. Go to "Input Devices" or "Recording Devices" (depending on your version of Windows), select the USB device and try to find the stereo/mono settings. It might be under an "Advanced" tab.

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