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Jason C.
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Help On Mixing

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Hello everyone, how are you guys doing :D

I am a new user of multiquence, still learning how to use it properly...

I am mixing several tracks together, and when I use "Play from marker" command, or any playback command that involves the marker, to hear what i have done so far. The sound ends up differently compare to what i hear by using "Play all" command. It makes the mixing difficult since i cannot capture the exact time location i want my tracks to be by using "Play from marker" command.

Did I do something wrong or?
Hope people can help to ans/solve this question/problem
GoldWave Inc.
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Re: Help On Mixing

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If you are using MP3 files, then synchronization may be a problem. Variable bitrate MP3 files cannot be synchronize accurately. It would be best to convert those to uncompressed 16 bit Wave files instead. You can use the File | Save as audio command in Multiquence to convert an entire track containing an MP3 file to a Wave file.

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