GoldWave v5.51 Released

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GoldWave v5.51 Released

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GoldWave v5.51 is now available.

Changes include:
  • Unicode interface (supports international file and folder names)
  • Accelerated processing and multiprocessor support for some effects
  • Integrated GWVoice effects (Auto Gain, Censor, Auto Offset Removal, Voice Over)
  • Cleaner polyphase resampling
  • Higher resolution frequency visuals
  • 32-bit colour visuals
  • Updated FLAC and Vorbis codecs
  • "Loop point" playback option
  • Automatic download and install of MP3 encoder
  • Gradient colour option for Sound windows
  • Many fixes and improvements
  • Any GoldWave plug-ins must be updated to work in the new version
  • DirectX support is not included. The plug-in must be installed separately
  • Images and figures for the manual are now included and do not have to be installed separately
  • Windows 98 and ME are not supported
  • The program icon has been updated, but may not be displayed by Windows because it caches the old icon. The old WAVE logo must not be used anymore.

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