Why I Like Goldwave

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Why I Like Goldwave

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I'm using early versions; don't care to upgrade to newer Microsoft lame operating systems.

Anyway, some disagree with me about varying DC Offset. Was nice to find a Automated way of correcting varying Offset included with Goldwave. Assume this Offset occurs when mixing tracks (both analog/digital worlds). I watched the entire Intro to a song bump right up in place; maybe an afterthought to add the intro. When in doubt, why not correct.

Also tried the *newer* Stereo Center feature. Acquired a favorite '60's song (recent paid download) and it (waveform) looked like an early CD; lifeless. You know, flat-line EKG, ECG (assume from conservative use of Sony PCM machines). Decent stereo, but felt the stereo center (vocal/horn-work) lacked, so I boosted it, worked like a champ! Soul Finger, Bar-Kays, 1967.

Thank you very much!


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