Save a filter setting?

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Save a filter setting?

Post by gravy6 »

Is there a way to save my own custom settings for effects? Specifically filters?

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Re: Save a filter setting?

Post by 2leftfeet »

You can save your own settings for most things. When you open an effect window, you will see a "Presets" box in the lower part of the drop down window. When you have made your preferred slider settings, type your own name for these settings and hit the "+" button. You have now created your own preset which you can recall any time later. Also, in the "Window options" drop down box you will see on the right hand side, some option choices. If you tick the "Update default preset after each use" and then when you go back to any of the filter or (whatever) drop down windows, the last used effect will be there for you to use again. Have a read of the "Presets" item in the help files, this explains it better than I have :roll:

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Re: Save a filter setting?

Post by Tristan »

I think if you want to save your presets en masse for later installation, you can just copy the 'GWPresets.xml' file and store it on your hard drive. After that, it's just a matter of drag-and-drop.
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Re: Save a filter setting?

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Also you can use "GoldWave Setup" from the Windows menu and choose the "Backup Settings" button to save all settings and presets to a file.

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