Hide an anachronic effect.

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Hide an anachronic effect.

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On LP's re-issuing 78 rpm's, I have a problem with the treatment the recording company have applied to "refresh" and spacialize these recordings. The exact problem is the high frequencies harmonics they have generated.
I have such a tool in AudioCleanic (my main wave editor is Goldwave, the addition of the both softwares increase the combinations possibilities) with a part of the recording company problems : the grain of the voice isn't very natural so it cannot be used alone. And they had in 1974 another problem, who is the exact point who annoys me : the system they used wasn't exactly synchrone with the original signal, and that leads to a kind of echo/reflection feeling, I believed even first they have used a flanger effect so much it sounds unnatural. Unlike my software equivalent who starts exactly at 8 kHz and stops exactly at 21 kHz, this effect covers partly the original harmonics, who stop around 2.5 to 6 kHz depending on the songs of this compilation. To convert back the recording to mono enworses the reflections sensation and it has anyways too much reverb.
I know that it will be impossible to remove, but is there a way to hide it a little bit in these songs I cannot find elsewhere?

Audio type : Big Orchestras (violins, celloes, piano, brass, harp..., but no drums) + Voice louder than the orchestra. Recordings mainly of 1900's to early 1950's.

The treatment it seems that they have applied:
••• +Bass+Treeble in the LEFT channel, +Medium in the RIGHT channel;
••• Dual Band Compressor/Expander/Gate channel unbalance;
••• the effect I want to hide, also called "Brillance Enhancer" by Magix or "Exciter" on Behringer's Virtualizer Pro DSP 2024);
••• Stereo Reverb: not sure they used a reverb room (Signal > Amplifier > Speakers > Huge Hall (I mean a physically true Hall with walls, ceiling and floor, with great acoustic as I heard, cannot be a spring reverb, that's a good point along with the convenient noise removal) > Microphones > Mixer or Multitrack Tape Recorder).

My tools :
••• Goldwave 5.10, no need to detail as you know it :wink: ;
••• AudioCleanic2005Deluxe (Three Bands Compressor Limiter, Brillance Enhancer, FFT Filter, 10-bands graphic equalizer);
••• DePopper Beta Version 2.16 (vertical cut of the spectrum when applying a passband filter, when I try the same with Goldwave I have clicks at times);
••• Behringer Audio Processor including (only one effect at a time):
Analog-Like Compressor/Limiter,
Digital Compressor/Limiter
Dual Band Limiter,
2-Bands parametric EQ,
8-Band Graphic EQ,
Auto-Filter (Q of the filter varies with the original envelope),
High/Low/Band Pass/cut filter.
••• Tascam Portastudio 424 mkII with EQ -12 to +12 dB at 100 Hz, 15 kHz, medium parametric 250 to 5000 Hz, but no Q filter choice.

Just an observation about another compilation LP from the same type of audio materials, two years later by the same recording company: they have abandoned the brillance restoration treatment, that means well that they found it finally very bad.
Gloup? :-°

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