reset default settings or completely uninstall

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reset default settings or completely uninstall

Post by jasl »

I tweaked a few settings to iliminate a buzzing sound and now the reccording quality is horrible. I'm not sure all of the settings I tweaked. I uninstalled the program and then re-installed it but it kept all of my tweaked settings so I still get a horrible receodring. How do I completely uninstall the program so I can get a clean install or if nothing else, how can I reset the program to all of it's default setting?
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Re: reset default settings or completely uninstall

Post by DougDbug »

Hmmm.... There are only a couple of things that should affect recording quality... Recording quality is mostly affected by the soundcard and it's driver. The software mostly just gives you a "control panel" to select the input and adjust the volume, etc.

What's the problem? Are you getting distortion, like the recording level is too high? Was the buzzing sound a "recording problem", or was it something in the original recording that you're trying to clean-up with GoldWave?

What are you recording from, and how are you connected?

The first thing to check is the recording level (Options -> Control Properties -> Volume).

You can also have recording level issues if you accidently connect to the microphone input instead of the line input. Most laptops only have a mic input... Sometimes (especially with a laptop) there is a software utility that can configure the input for line or mic.

The only other thing I can think of is the New Sound sample rate which defaults to 44100.
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Re: reset default settings or completely uninstall

Post by donna9 »

@DougDbug -- had to register here just to say thank you for ur old post. My sound recordings thru stereomixer in GW always came out like it was underwater...brutal. Your suggestions and insights were correct. problem solved.
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