System exception when ripping CD to FLAC

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System exception when ripping CD to FLAC

Post by Servant »

Goldwave version: 6.51
Windows version: 10.0.19044.1415

I'm able to rip CDs to WAV and MP3 without error, but if I attempt to rip them to FLAC (16- or 24-bit), I get a "System exception" for most (but not all) of the files on the CD. Windows Media Player has no problem ripping to FLAC. Has anyone else had this issue?
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Re: System exception when ripping CD to FLAC

Post by DougDbug »

That's weird, but since CDs are 16-bits there's no point in making 24-bit FLACs. (FLAC is "smart" so the 24-bit file shouldn't be any larger.)

...I normally use EAC or CUERipper because they support AccurateRip. AccurateRip compares your data to an online database and you get a match (or hopefully multiple matches) you know there were no errors.

There is also CUETools which has a different database for correcting errors, but I've never used it.

there's something invalid (for FLAC) in the metadata... If you're using Get Titles to automatically fill-in the data, try without it.
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Re: System exception when ripping CD to FLAC

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Try installing the latest version of GoldWave. There was an issue with the FLAC plug-in that was fixed in a recent update.
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