AAC/MP4 support?

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AAC/MP4 support?

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:?: can goldwave support the AAC/MP4 audio files? :?:
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Re: AAC/MP4 support?

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I am not aware of any GoldWave plug-ins that support it yet.

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Re: AAC/MP4 support?

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GoldWave Inc. wrote:I am not aware of any GoldWave plug-ins that support it yet.
Well, since there is a SDK for external Goldwave plugins it probably would be possible to use the open source codecs FAAC/FAAD2 for this:


For example the CoolEdit filter faac.flt includes both the encoder and the decoder, and the source code is available on the SourceForge CVS server. A Windows binary can be downloaded from http://www.rarewares.org/aac.html as well as Winamp and other plugins and the command line versions.

After reading up the feature list of GoldWave and Multiquence, it seems that both support DirectX input (and maybe output) filters. So you could try to install either the 3ivx DS filter suite or the mpegable DS decoder.

The former is free for one month, then you have to pay US$6.99 if you only need the MP4 audio decoder or US$19.99 if you need both the audio decoder and encoder (based on FAAC).

The latter is freeware, but only supports stereo MP4 decoding (and 3GP as well), so multichannel MP4 files can't be decoded, and encoding isn't possible either.

It's also possible to install the CoreAAC DS filter (freeware) which can substitute the 3ivx audio decoder, but also needs the 3ivx DS splitter/parser and is not able to encode MP4 audio files. You would have to enable "allow unsupported decoders" in the settings of the 3ivx splitter for this to work.
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