Issue with Save Extensions using Vista

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Issue with Save Extensions using Vista

Post by NetReamer »

I don't know if this is a Goldwave or Vista bug, but I thought I'd document it here and see if maybe Goldwave can fix it.

My Goldwave default save format is set to a LAME MP3 set of attributes. Saving into that format works great.

But when I want to save to WAV, what worked under XP has a slight glitch under Vista.

I click or select Save As or Copy To in Goldwave. the file save dialog box opens.

I enter my filename (ignoring extension).

I type Tab-w-w - to move to the Save as type field and select WAV.

I type Enter.

What I used to get was a WAV file with the extension .wav. What I get now is a WAV file (format in the file is in fact WAV), but the extension is .wma.

It appears that with Vista, the extension of the file is based on the second to last "save as type" selected and not the current one. You can see this on the screen and it is not limited to types start with w but happens with anything you try this with.

It's a small bug, but it would be nice if this was working again.

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Post by JackH »

I get the same thing here... never noticed that before. It seems to work correctly if you choose the file type first, then enter the file name.
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Re: Issue with Save Extensions using Vista

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With any luck that will be fixed when the first service pack for Vista is released. I'm still waiting for updated Vista compatible development tools to be released from Borland/CodeGear.

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Thanks Chris

Post by NetReamer »

Thanks Chris. I figured it was more likely a Vista issue. Just wanted it on your list in case there is something you can do about it.
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