Line-in swaps channels

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Line-in swaps channels

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This is a hardware issue and not a GoldWave issue, but I'll post it here anyway just to see if any of you have seen this before.

When recording from the line-in jack on my soundcard (M-Audio 5.1 Revolution) the monitored stereo sound plays correctly over the speakers. But for the actual recording itself, the channels are swapped. Swapping channels so it plays back correctly is not a big deal. I'm just wondering if there are any ideas why the monitored sound does not reflect the recorded sound?
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Re: Line-in swaps channels

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If the monitored sound is bypassing the ADC hardware (going directly to the speakers), then that could explain why it is correct, but the recorded audio is swapped.

If you are using the "Listen" feature in the Windows Recording Device Properties to monitor the input, then that should have the channels switched as well.

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