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Music Elements Filter

Post by EdB »

I have a large collection of music mp3s that were gathered over the years. It would be great if Goldwave could batch analyze these using some subset of the 'Elements of Music' (Beat, Rhythm, Melody, Tone Color, Texture, Dynamics, Form). The analysis could be a 'score' or 'DNA fingerprint' embedded in the ID3 sequence or added to the file name.

The analysis would be based on easily measured elements such as beat. Think (rap, waltz, tango). Although GoldWave is really smart, I do not think it could do much with 'mood', for example.

I would use it to group my many mp3s. Yes, this idea is crazy but you do not get what you do not ask for.
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Re: Music Elements Filter

Post by Tristan »

Apparently, you can't remember what you have in your music collection, so you want Goldwave to tell you? The "wonderful" requests always seem to come from people who've never even used the Goldwave demo, so they have no sense of perspective. :roll: I'm still waiting for the guy who wanted everything translated into Thai to show up again.

'Elements of Music'? I guess these things would have to be defined by the developer from scratch, poor guy.

Leaving that aside, I don't know of any mastering program that offers the features you want. I doubt an Intel Core i9 would give you enough CPU power. Even if it would, do you think the developer would bother to weave the necessary algorithms into a program that sells for less than $50? Give me a break.
I don't want to read the manual either, but it isn't my problem, is it?
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Re: Music Elements Filter

Post by DewDude420 »

About the best you could hope for would be something that could identify the song and then pull from a database, filling in the information you want. Software that could detect one type of genre from another without any outside information would require some pretty hefty AI that was "trained" on every genre of music.

I don't think this type of thing would really be within the scope of an audio editor..that's something you might find in a tagging or music cataloging program. In fact, there's probably a good chance most of your mp3's already have some artist and title information in id3 tags...there are numerous programs out there that will scan the files and fill in the missing information (like genre) from a database.
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Re: Music Elements Filter

Post by GoldWave Inc. »

MP3 files can have a Genre tag that may help. If your files don't have that tag, then you may be able to use a tagging service such as MusicBrainz to add the genre tag. It may even do the 'mood' thing.
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