Dragonfly red USB DAC

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Dragonfly red USB DAC

Post by Onjay78 »

I purchased a Dragonfly red USB DAC and am using Goldwave, O/S Win10 to digitize old vinyl records. The DAC works great in playback mode but does not work while I am ripping vinyl in real time. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you!
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Re: Dragonfly red USB DAC

Post by Tristan »

Isn't the Dragonfly playback only? I think most people use it just as a headphone amp. If you want to record via USB you'll have to get something with audio inputs as well.

At any rate, this isn't a GoldWave issue.
I don't want to read the manual either, but it isn't my problem, is it?
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Re: Dragonfly red USB DAC

Post by DougDbug »

You are recording, just having trouble with monitoring, right?

When you open an existing audio file in GoldWave and play it, do you hear it through the DAC?

If not, go to Options -> Control Properties -> Device and select it as the Playback Device. Sometimes you don't see the actual device name, so if you also have a USB recording device for the turntable it may take some trial-and-error.

The GoldWave FAQ has some information on how to monitor what you're recording.

Or, by configuring Windows to Listen To This Device you should be able to hear the turntable before even starting GoldWave.
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Re: Dragonfly red USB DAC

Post by DewDude420 »

The Dragonfly Red is a DAC only, it does not contain an ADC. If you are using a separate device to digitize vinyl, as Doug mentioned; you need to configure Windows to "Listen to this device" on your Dragonfly output.

In the old days, our sound cards usually contained both a DAC and ADC, along with actual hardware mixing for real-time monitoring of our audio. Most devices not only lack hardware mixing...but most of them are strictly DAC only.
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