Sources for codecs?

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Sources for codecs?

Post by chaz3 »

Would be especially helpful if there was a source for various codecs. Seems there are quite a few comments looking for codecs to support m4a/acc and MP3 to deal with savings defects in the latest Goldwave version. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

I have not had any issues with Goldwave until I recently obtained a new windows 10 computer and installed the latest version. Yes, I have been especially lazy and have been using version 5.10 on my windows 7 computer all this time. Hay, it worked... if it ain't broke!

Having read many suggestion about needing specific codecs and how to install, I am still having difficulty finding codecs to download. Might have something to do with all the "conversion program" advertisement polluting the various search engines. In any case any sites or links to codes for Goldwave for the most popular media types like m4a, acc, etc would be helpful.

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Re: Sources for codecs?

Post by DewDude420 »

On Windows 10, Goldwave 6 supports AAC/m4a "out of the box" by virtue of Media Foundation in Windows. There is no codec to install.

For LAME...I seem to recall when I reinstalled Windows on this machine late last year; Goldwave 6 actually downloaded lame_enc.dll for me and copied it to the proper directory. The Goldwave FAQ lists the manual instructions.

I seem to recall the stuff required to support OGG (and maybe Opus) are also distributed with the install.
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