Recording Device Mono Selection

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Recording Device Mono Selection

Post by frogtumor2 »

There's supposed to be a selection in the recording device menu that allows you to assign what source channel(s) is used for a mono recording. In the manual it's called the mono source options. That option doesn't show up for me, why would that be?

This is what I see:

I was on v6.3x (don't remember exactly) and just updated to v6.41 to try and fix it.

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Re: Recording Device Mono Selection

Post by DougDbug »

Since nobody has replied I'll guess it's related to the hardware & drivers. (I don't see that option either.)

You normally get both channels mixed together if you're recording from a stereo source. And, if you are recording from a multi-channel interface you may only get channels 1 & 2 as left & right (or mixed to mono) when recording with GoldWave.

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Re: Recording Device Mono Selection

Post by Irving »

I don't see it either. Can't say I ever remember seeing it, though, even since the version 5x days.
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Re: Recording Device Mono Selection

Post by 2leftfeet »

Nor me either, but you just record both L and R as a normal stereo signal, then uncheck the unwanted channel (the green check box on the left). Copy the other channel and paste into a new window which will be mono. Easy - just two shortcut keystrokes. Ctrl+C and then Ctrl+P.

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Re: Recording Device Mono Selection

Post by GoldWave Inc. »

There used to be an option for that, but it was removed because of changes in the Windows driver. Recent versions of GoldWave tell the device to record in mono directly.

If you need a specific channel, it would be best to record as stereo and save only the channel required or mix them as needed.

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