2 little interface issues...

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2 little interface issues...

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Hello Chris,

Now using v6.47 but did notice these behaviors a while ago...

1- When I right-click next to the toolbar and select "Allow Toolbar Reordering" it works fine, however this setting is reset and must be enabled again everytime I close and open Goldwave... this option is not included with the backup / restore settings tool either...

2- When the Control window is closed the VU meter is integrated with the toolbars, and I must click on the little dots on the left side to extend the VU lenght to its maximum possible, which is fine, however, every time Goldwave is minimized to the Windows taskbar and then maximized back to full screen, the VU meter is shorter and must be extended again to full lenght with a new click on the small dots...

No big deal here, but still wanted to share information...

Regards, Daniel ;-)

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Re: 2 little interface issues...

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1. That setting is "session only" and is not retained across sessions (to prevent accidental reordering of the toolbar in the future).

2. I'm not seeing that problem on my system. When I minimize and restore/maximize the Main window, the VU meter is the full width. What version of Windows are you using? Is the VU meter the last item in the toolbar?

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